General Manager

Adam Benson

General Manager

Adam Benson has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant and service industry. He and the LBG team have dreamed and worked to create the experience that is Tap and Vine @ 559. THE PLACE to eat, drink and meet in Southern Oregon.

Adam got his start working as a bartender at an upscale pool hall and restaurant in the South of Market Area of San Francisco. From there, he helped launch and manage a multi-faceted restaurant, blues club and brewery in San Mateo, California. It was here that he fell in love with the craft of brewing beer. After starting a family, he moved to Southern Oregon where, for eight years, he served as the head brewer and manager at Standing Stone Brewing Company. His passion for brewing, skills as a manager, and attention to the customer experience were evident in his tenure at Caldera Brewing Company, where he was Lead Brewer and General Manager of the restaurant, pub and brewery for close to nine years. Adam is ready to take the experience he has gained and use it to open his own venture, Tap and Vine, and bring his dream to Southern Oregonians.

Adam’s hobbies include cooking, wine appreciation, and paddle boarding. When he’s not in the taphouse, you can probably find him coaching his son’s baseball team.

Executive Chef

William Shine

Executive Chef

Mise En Place: “Everything in its place. Not only do I wear this on my arms, but I apply it to everyday life as well. My passion for food runs deep. There is something about being able to take a dish and turn it into something that makes people want to come back over and over for it.” –William Shine II

William is a native of Southern Oregon. Growing up here allowed him to realize the great resources chefs have to work with as culinarians. Southern Oregon is surrounded by great farms and vineyards and using local bounty in producing food and drink is a driving force behind William’s dishes.

William graduated from South Medford High School and then journeyed on to attend The Art Institute of Seattle. Here, he started to polish his skills as a chef and was given a platform to cook and create from different cuisines. William loves moderate French cooking, but creates dishes from around the world. He has been trained from great chefs on how to create and think outside the box.

Upon graduating culinary school, William moved to Portland, Oregon to work at the Multnomah Athletic Club. Here he developed great skills and knowledge as a young cook. He then decided to move back to Southern Oregon in order to hone his skills in different fine dining establishments such as Chateaulin, Jacksonville Inn, Omar’s, and Ashland Springs Hotel. After gaining knowledge and improving his craft, he ventured on to run and oversee kitchens around the area. He loves to compete in the Ashland Culinary Festival and Bite of Oregon in Portland.

William brings strong leadership and great poise to the team aspect. He has a love of teaching his craft to help young cooks gain and achieve the skills they need to be successful. Great food, friends, and family is the reason cooking brings such joy to William, which carries over into teaching his four boys how to cook.